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Everything we do is guided by our core strategic philosophy : Disruption.

Disruption defines a vision.

It helps us break free from category conventions.

It creates new platforms for growth.


Disruption Day is our proprietary process, during which we put our philosophy into practice.



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    ALK / Allergen immunotherapy owes nothing to chance: The disruptive idea

    An impact that is both rational and emotional:

    – A medical discourse through “allergenic immunotherapy” which pays respect to allergology, a medical specialty in its own right.

    – And a touch of emotion brought by the representation of a child.

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    IPSEN / Acromegaly: The disruptive idea

    Erasing the stereotypes from awareness campaigns, in order to maximize impact and create a memorable message:

    – A powerful hook encourages clicks and ensures the success of the viral strategy.

    – A humorous and intriguing tone, without neglecting the patients.

    – A unique message shared by real patients and supported by a patient association.

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    ROCHE / #JEMIMPOSEQUAND: The disruptive idea

    Pro-health arguments have no impact on 15-18 years olds. So how do we raise awareness of the risk of lung cancer and encourage teenagers not to smoke or quit smoking?

    – Through a social media contest to show that there are other ways to stand out without having to smoke

    – By using social networks and 2 YouTube influencers, Ilyes and Miss Gloria.

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    ASPEN / Anesthesia: The disruptive idea

    Giving a differentiating image of a new world leader in anesthesia by going beyond the product communication and by valuing the “art” of an anesthesiologist.

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    MSD / Diabetes type 2: The disruptive idea

    Using the products unique and specific mode of action, “kidney pathway”, creating an impact and proposing a shift of paradigm: the elimination of glucose.

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    MSD / Oncology / Let's break cancer together: The disruptive idea

    – Development of MSD’s corporate commitment to Oncology, as its pharmaceutical brands are better known than its corporate one.

    – Introduction of a proactive and committed approach corresponding to the expectations of patients and caregivers is legitimized by therapeutic progress of new treatments.

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    MSD / HPV / Opinion of a gynecologist: The disruptive idea

    Using a youtube influencer, Lea Choue to talk about HPV vaccination for females aged 11 to 14. As a result, HPV vaccination increased by 3 points across 10 months in France.

    MSD: Website dedicates to HPV

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    Decapeptyl : the disruptive idea

    Breaking away from conventional features and patient based communication by using a communication strategy founded on clinical benefit and relevance. Through the omission of conventional elderly male portraits and illustrating the physician treatment journey, empathy and understanding of practice attitudes is demonstrated.

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    France Psoriasis : the disruptive idea

    No, Psoriasis is not a contagious disease! Fighting misconceptions about a supposedly contagious disease via a powerful and confronting visual is easier and more impactful than words themselves.

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    GE Healthcare : the disruptive idea

    Moving from a host of undifferentiated services to a personalized offer. Rather than proposing a ‘catalogue’ of generic service options, value was added to General Electric’s HealthCare service offerings through an à la carte segmentation, defined according to specific client needs.

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    Sigvaris : the disruptive idea

    From product benefits to consumer benefits. Rather than highlighting the actual product -compression stockings – we decided to address the topic via the target audience and a strong but often ignored consumer insight – venous insufficiency often triggered by pregnancy. This delivers relevance to users/patients.

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    Mars Bleu : the disruptive idea

    The power of simple words. A pharmaceutical company that dares to address colon cancer screening using simple and colloquial language, together with prevention messages from healthcare authorities.

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    MSD Vaccines /I demand: The disruptive idea

    On the principle of “I accuse” of Emile Zola, the campaign “I demand” highlights the different levels of requirements for vaccinations, according to patients and doctors. MSD Vaccines provides everyone with an answer by promoting a clear level of requirement.

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    Nestlé Health Science / Renutril® Energie + - proteins your capital forms: The disruptive idea

    Inspiring campaign for patients 75+ and their caregivers.

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    MedDay Pharmaceuticals / International launch of the institutional and environmental campaign: The disruptive idea

    Refocusing the conversation on possible metabolic pathways in addition to the subject of inflammation in order to identify new therapeutic targets for neuroprotection and neuronal restoration.

    Signature: Dare to explore.

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    Mylan/ Dymista®/ What if the worst gift was the Christmas tree? : The disruptive idea

    The key visual that breaks the common codes on hay fever (often associated with flowers and nature). A Christmas tree that everyone adores becomes the N° 1 public enemy.

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