L'Agence de Communication Santé de l'Année
L'Agence de Communication Santé de l'Année



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    Decapeptyl : the disruptive idea
    Breaking away from conventional features and patient based communication by using a communication strategy founded on clinical benefit and relevance. Through the omission of conventional elderly male portraits and illustrating the physician treatment journey, empathy and understanding of practice attitudes is demonstrated.
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    France Psoriasis : the disruptive idea
    No, Psoriasis is not a contagious disease! Fighting misconceptions about a supposedly contagious disease via a powerful and confronting visual is easier and more impactful than words themselves.
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    GE Healthcare : the disruptive idea
    Moving from a host of undifferentiated services to a personalized offer. Rather than proposing a ‘catalogue’ of generic service options, value was added to General Electric’s HealthCare service offerings through an à la carte segmentation, defined according to specific client needs.
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    Sigvaris : the disruptive idea
    From product benefits to consumer benefits. Rather than highlighting the actual product -compression stockings - we decided to address the topic via the target audience and a strong but often ignored consumer insight – venous insufficiency often triggered by pregnancy. This delivers relevance to users/patients.
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    IPSEN NET on the Net: the disruptive idea
    Rare diseases need experts, even more than the others. This series of webcasts dedicated to neuroendocrine tumours allows practitioners involved in NET treatment to ask top experts questions about these rare tumours.
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    CARDINAL : the disruptive idea
    Even patients with cardiovascular risks and who are sedentary can be guided back into practicing beneficial physical activities. Such was the idea of this physical activity coaching application targeted specifically towards hypertensive and diabetic patients, which takes into account the medical and motivational characteristics of these groups, who are often not particularly active.
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    RHUMATO'LIB : the disruptive idea
    Rheumatology explained by rheumatologists. A series of videos showcasing ‘a day in the life’ of rheumatologists in their practice, in order to help better orient young interns along their professional path. An original approach for a pharmaceutical company intended to help add value to the profession and support a community of practitioners.
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    Mars Bleu : the disruptive idea
    The power of simple words. A pharmaceutical company that dares to address colon cancer screening using simple and colloquial language, together with prevention messages from healthcare authorities.
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    TEVA Oncology : the disruptive idea
    Behind each cancer is a patient - delivering meaning to the ‘heterogeneous’ product offerings of TEVA Oncology throughout every step of the patient treatment journey.

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  • Market Dynamic Analysis

    Making sense of figures, and transform them to become actionable knowledge
  • Strategic Business Consulting and Market Access

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  • Promotional Creative Development

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  • Multichannel Touchpoints Definitions

    Choosing the right mix to be most effective in delivering messages and content through the therapeutic pathway
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    Ensuring that all communications are seamlessly relevant in today and tomorrow’s methods of communication, and applicable to patient and physician journeys
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    Generating excitement amongst those who the brand will impact
  • Internal Communications

    Generating excitement amongst those who the brand will impact
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